“Education”- Satire by Hannah Bohn


A Satire

For the prevention of excess thinking and dangerous ideas produced in educational facilities that present a threat to social structure and jeopardize industry, the country’s ultimate means of prosperity and success.


HannaH Bohn

The societal standard of living is unequivocally dependent on production. This is our nation’s calling, our route to resource, and our destiny to optimal and superior survival. Due to the alleged “innovation” (as some radical outsiders supposedly label it as) of the modern youth in America, the country’s efficient network of industry remains in danger. Dwindling motivation to better the economy and a lack of focus on the essential needs of our nation’s industrial progression appear in the very palette of education and knowledge itself, the schooling system. The disruption of order in modern schools across the country is a direct result of the stimulation of excess ideas amongst today’s students and the schooling system’s focus on specialized skills of the individual—proving, in fact, highly irrelevant to society’s upward movement of growth.

Students are products, they are programs in themselves. It is within the duty and moral obligation of the nation’s leaders to design and sculpt this mass of students in America to accommodate the work place and economic necessity. Some have said in previous years that schools should limit the aspect of an industry based environment, but that in itself is the very problem. In actuality, schools should be immersed in industry—no, they should actually become industry. A fresh era of contemporary workers have been birthed, and they exist to serve their purpose as America’s tools and machinery. Since the country’s inclining and rapid development owes its success to the efficiency of labor and mass production, establishing a widely expansive consumer economy, it is only entirely reasonable to utilize our new programs (or students) to increase this productivity in every way possible.

One may feel, obviously, quite repulsed when approaching the idea of allowing for the current disruptions occurring in educational facilities to be anything but intervened. Imagine, if the mind even allows one to, if government were to permit students’ obscure interests and personalized desires. Mayhem! In this day and age, America calls for a body of one. There is absolutely no benefit to differentiating each student—unless the goal is to waste time and money. As a country working in unison for betterment, we must squash the lingering stupidity present in the classrooms today. Hopeless aspirations or thoughtful inventiveness in areas uncalled for will only pose a threat to society. In fact, students who cannot cooperate with the standard should be pulled from their public schools and dropped into a facility of purification. Thus, each individual will learn to morph into one ideal, general unit to benefit what society necessitates.

Procedures placed will be preventative measures to destruct the so-called creative, or unnecessary ideas spurring in the minds of our youthful products. Teachers shall be removed from their position after failing to execute certain behaviors and habits of students, such as expressing unorthodox opinions and beliefs or sharing talk of alleged interests in fields other than their assigned task. Every fresh year and one by one, each new student in the annual flood of robots shall be measured, monitored, and evaluated during their initial entrance into the schooling facility, marking the commencement of their education experience. After this analysis of each individual, officials may refer to the current economic status in order to proactively assign the specified job positions to every child. Their training will thus begin after this draft, preparing and shaping America’s body of products into the workers society calls for. This system of permanent placement is indisputably the most direct route to efficiency.

Schools are the training buildings for work. The acquisition of knowledge is simply a silly concept for one to internalize when referring to the direction the country is moving toward. Consequently, the direction of the schooling system must be parallel. If a student were to be taught information unrelated to their assigned placement of contribution to our economy, direction would disperse, and our society would plummet as job specification would become randomized. This is a dangerous path. Students should be provided with information necessary to adequately perform the output of their trade and their trade alone; it is critical to limit students’ awareness to anything besides their future occupation. This way, risk is controlled.

Modern work today revolves around industry based practice, and schooling systems hold the equipment necessary to provide for the development of such practice. It is essential to manipulate this equipment for society’s betterment; what other use do such robots provide?

Disclaimer/ End Note: Our schooling system does not nourish each individual’s personal creativity and specialized skills. The above is a reflection of the idea that we are learning to become robotic products of industry and societal progression, dwindling further from individual pursuit and growth. Rather than gaining the tools to better ourselves and utilizing what we learn in school to more adequately equip us in our personal paths of expanding our creative and intellectual processes, we are stuck spinning in a limited structure of “education,” or standardized objective after objective. Instead of stimulating the acquisition of knowledge, our schools entirely depend upon monotonous repetition and expeditious memorization. Learning is not harnessed.

Thanks for sharing your time.

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