Her by HannaH Bohn


Adolescence shaped by sharp jabs and cut edges with

warm pockets of light that drip honey from their empty holes and spaces.

She rises with tenderness from the arms that embrace her,

but that doesn’t fill the gaps that stuck from the night before.

Her heart weighs more than her body learned to hold,

pressing downward on her frail and fragile frame 

that outlines a famished rib cage, caved inward 

like a crescent moon.

Left in the rain when she seeks permanency and promises,

but stripped to the bone when she reveals her beauty—

exposed. supposed lightness.

Swift sips of pungent liquid trickle down her pipes that she

uses to scream for help but whisper i love you,

and the magic medicine that keeps her from collapsing 

is like an outreached hand with gold jewelry.

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